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A Portal to support resource-rich countries plan, prepare for, negotiate, monitor, and implement large-scale investment projects.

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The Roadmap lays out the process of planning, preparing for, negotiating, monitoring, and implementing investment projects in extractive industries, land & agriculture and infrastructure.

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A database of major support providers that help governments prepare for, negotiate, monitor, and implement investment projects.

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The list of Tools & Resources includes best practices, guidelines, model contracts, and other useful information for governments.

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Welcome to the Negotiation Support Portal

Need a training course to build capacity?

Are you seeking a course to improve your skills to design a legal or regulatory framework, prepare for a negotiation, or monitor and implement an investment project?

Want to learn more about the stages of the investment process?

Are you interested in assessing your country’s legal or investment framework, your readiness for contract negotiations, or the steps to monitor a natural resource or infrastructure project?

Looking for assistance from a Support Provider?

Are you looking for assistance to reform or update your country’s legal framework for investments? Or for assistance with a contract negotiation? 

This Portal aims to strengthen the accessibility and visibility of available tools & resources and technical support to assist host governments planning, preparing for, negotiating, monitoring, and implementing large-scale investment projects in the extractive industry, land & agriculture and infrastructure sector.  

It includes a Roadmap that maps out the stages of the investment process, a searchable database of the major Support Providers that provide assistance to host governments, a list of useful online Tools & Resources to better inform and guide governments at each stage of the investment process, and a list of short term trainings and professional development courses.

Latest Updates


Linkages to the Resource Sector: The Role of Companies, Government and International Development Corporation 2016 was added to the Resources page 


Mining a mirage: Reassessing the shared-value paradigm in light of the technological advances in the mining sector was added to the Resources page


Emerging Practices in Community Development Agreements by Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment has been added to the Tools & Resources pages


FERDI's Mining tax database for Africa has been added to the Tools & Resources page.


Guidelines For Good Governance in Emerging Oil and Gas Producers 2016, by Chatham House, was added to Resources page. A version in Swahili is also available.


Users with low web connectivity can find PDF versions of the Portal's pages here, and also at the bottom of each page of the Portal.


Habitat III and Land Portal Foundation's October Ecuador training on Platforms for Responsible Land Governance has been added to the Trainings Calendar.


The Extractive Industries Sector : Essentials for Economists, Public Finance Professionals, and Policy Makers was added to the Resources page. 


IMF Capacity Development (online and in person) was added to the Trainings page


A Master Class on Social Performance in the Mining and Oil & Gas Sectors by the Colorado School of Mines, was added to the Trainings calendar


Enforcing the rules- guide by NRGI and Columbia Law School Human Rights was added to the Implementation & Monitoring of the Investment page. 


Guide to Land Contracts: Agricultural Projects was added to the Tools and Resources page. 


Four webinars by the Clean Energy Solutions Center were added to the Trainings Calendar


Modeling Courses (Webinars) by OpenOil were added to the Trainings Page.

Two new resources by OpenOil were added to the Resources Page: Public Interest Financial Modeling of Extractive Industry Projects and Contracts Modeling.


Responsible Governance of Tenure and the Law– A Guide for Lawyers and Other Legal Service Providers, by FAO was added to the Resources Page.


Webinar on April 21: The Global Tax Haven Industry — Before and After the “Panama Papers” was added to the Trainings Calendar.


Guide to Implementing the UNGPs in Investment Policymaking, by LSE Human Rights, was added to the Resources Page.


In addition to English and French, the Negotiation Support Portal is now available in Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, thanks to the support of GIZ and CONNEX


DFID and Landesa Masterclass ‘How to Address Land Access, Human Rights and Business Risk’ at the GRI Conference has been added to the Trainings Page.  


Three new briefs by the Open Government Partnership about natural resources transparency and accountability in national action plans were added to the Tools & Resources page


AUC, African Minerals Development Centre, and UNDP Lesotho: Mining & Development Communications Workshop has been added to the Trainings page


A short course on Business and Human Rights at the LSE has been added to the Trainings page. 


The FAOLEX database of national laws, regulations and policies on food, agriculture and renewable natural resources has been added as a key tool for the Legislative and Regulatory Frameworks stage. You can also find it on the Resources page.


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CCSI launched two Open Fiscal Models, key tools for the Feasibility Studies stage. Find them in the Resources page.  


UN OHCHR online training on Principles for Responsible Contracts has been added to the Trainings page


Wits Enterprise launched 4 courses about community relations in the extractive sector in Africa for 2016! Find them at our Trainings page.


United Nations Economic Comission for Africa (UNECA): Agriculture Policy in Africa has been added to the Trainings page.


Two trainings by the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP): Strategic Alliances in the Energy Industry: A Multi-Perspective Framework and Project Economic Modelling and Fiscal Regime Evaluation for Mining and Oil & Gas have been added to the Trainings page.

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