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1 Définition du cadre juridique et politique

Stage 1:
Définition du cadre juridique et politique

Setting the Legal and Policy Framework refers to the need for a country to formulate clear policies and strategies that both attract FDI and benefit the country.

Analyses multisectorielles Cadres législatif et réglementaire Politiques et stratégies gouvernementales
3 Négociation ducontrat

Stage 3:
Étape de négociation préliminaire

The Pre-Negotiation Stage refers to the period during which a government identifies a particular project or investment and conducts feasibility studies and impact assessments.

Préparation et gestion du processus d'appel d'offres D'études de faisabilité études d'impact
4 Mise en œuvre et suivi du contrat

Stage 4:
Mise en œuvre et suivi

The Implementation and Monitoring of the Investment Stage refers to the period during which an investment project is developed and operated pursuant to the terms of the investment contract.

Mise en œuvre Mécanismes de gestion des griefs Suivi



The Roadmap lays out the various stages of planning and preparing for a large-scale investment (stages 1 & 2), negotiating the main investment contracts (stage 3) and monitoring and managing the implementation of the investment (stage 4).

While much emphasis is placed on the actual contract negotiation process, the success and sustainability of an investment also depends on the right policies and legal and regulatory framework being in place to govern the investment and ensure it aligns with a country’s national development strategies, and the careful monitoring of the implementation of the investment project.

Each stage of the Roadmap links to key tools and resources as well as to the support providers that can provide assistance in relation to that stage.