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IISD Handbook on Mining Contract Negotiations for Developing Countries

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2 015



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Guide Handbook

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Negotiation stage:

2. Pre-Negotiation 3. Contract Negotiation


Extractive Industries Mining Oil & Gas

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Many governments lack the experience or human resources to prepare effectively for a negotiation, and are unable to make the investments needed to overcome these difficulties. Yet without preparing properly, there is little hope of achieving the desired national and community objectives. This guide provides a comprehensive approach that allows governments to set priorities and address critical issues in the preparation process.  It will assist governments in developing internal capacity and understanding where outside experts can best help. The guide addresses the process before negotiations begin, where the hard work gets done to lay the groundwork for a successful negotiation.

Roadmap references:

Pre-Negotiation Stage Contract Negotiation Stage Prepare for the Negotiation Assemble a Multi-Disciplinary, Multi-Sectoral Negotiation Team Develop a Negotiation Position Negotiate the Contract - Draft, Negotiate and Review Contractual Provisions


Contractual Terms


Negotiations Contractual Terms