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Responsible Mining Index Framework 2020

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2 020

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4. Implementation & Monitoring


Extractive Industries Mining

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The biennial Responsible Mining Index (RMI), produced by the Responsible Mining Foundation, is an evidence-based assessment of large-scale mining companies’ policies and practices, both at corporate and mine-site level, on a range of economic, environmental, social and governance (EESG) issues.

The Framework provides a comprehensive reference of the major aspects of responsible mining, based on society expectations of large-scale mining companies. As an extract of the RMI Methodology 2020, the framework includes information on a set of 43 topics, providing brief overviews of each topic as well as the indicators and metrics used in the RMI assessment to measure mining company policies and practices on these topics.



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Sector-Wide Analyses Implementation and Monitoring of the Investment Stage Monitoring of the Investment


Monitoring Standards Transparency


Transparency Monitoring